Who Are the Modern Day Absaloms?
(07-11-2012, 02:45 PM)newyorkcatholic Wrote: The actual Absalom's evil actions were used by the Lord to punish David for his sins (his principal one being taking Bethsabee for himself and killing Urias).

So your question is interesting, but I think it's also interesting to think about if the true Absaloms of today are being used to chastise David (the Church)?

Many of the liberal spirit-of-Vatican-2 super-dogma types could be seen this way.  The Church authorities encourage all manner of experimentation and openness, and then Catholics turn around and advocate positions that even some in the hierarchy try to condemn.  But it's ultimately of their own creation.  (For example, John Paul II clarifying that only men can be priests ... it's the post-conciliar silliness that allowed the idea of women priests to become so popular, then to turn around and try to condemn it, ...)

A very local example I saw with a terrible NO I once went to, to fulfill my obligation.  The priest was ad-libbing everywhere, all sorts of abuses, and for the "kiss of peace" he went down the aisle and shook hands and what not.  Well he was finally ready for the "Lamb of God," and was looking at people for their attention to the Host and the altar (and/or to himself), but people were still socializing.  Well, what did he expect?  Serves him right.  He mocked the liturgy, and he expects the faithful to limit their abuse to exactly where he limited it?  He established that the rules need not be followed, so the laity just kept doing what they felt like doing.

Yes. Of course we see many modern day Absaloms in Religious Ed departments of parishes. Youth Directors in particular seem to have this spirit. The problem is the point of contact and who has access to the people. I only brought up the more Traditional possibilities as I thought it may be more interesting.

Because frankly, I see it in some of these people and the ability to stay close to a small segment helps one to say, "the King is good, but I could surely do better".

"He just doesn't understand!". "He is compromising eternal truths as we understand them!". 

etc. etc. etc.

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