The Glory of Marriage
I don't necessarily disagree with his main point about marriage, but his claim that the Fathers were influenced by Gnostic ideas bothered me a bit. Obviously, this was true in some cases, but many of the Fathers have a very holistic, non-Cartesian--of course--view the relationship between body and soul while still promoting asceticism and so forth. I think part of the problem that we run into today is that we say that Christianity affirms the goodness of embodied existence, which is true, but we conceive of this very simplistically as being only about a more positive view of pleasure. But really it seems to me that what the Fathers realized and what we miss is that a holistic view of man also includes an entirely different view of suffering and pain. Once you come to an overly dualistic view that identifies the person only with the disembodied soul, you begin to think of pain as basically something horrible and meaningless to be avoided at all costs. I think what many of the Fathers saw is that a more positive view of the body also leads us to view suffering as much more meaningful, even on the spiritual level. I don't mean to say that suffering is inherently salutary or that those who attempt a more affirmative view of the body are wrong, but I think we should also remember that this endorsement of bodily existence brings along with it a renewed emphasis on asceticism as well.

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