Trad communities question
Actual attendance may vary.  I recall several years back being at a trad catechism and one of the attendents said that the FSSP priests all had to say the New Mass.  A soon to be Fraternity seminarian said "no they don't". (By the way, I would not speak in such a loose way.  Only speak facts, not heresay.  It can come back to bite you) 
  However, even though they are not required to say the NO, they do have to not only verbally but put their name to the dotted line that the NO is a valid, Catholic rite of Mass and that Vatican II was a true ecumenical Council and that the 83 Code of Canon law is to be followed.  I say this because I knew a former Society priest who was seriously considering joining up with them and was able to go through the paperwork that he would have to sign and agree with if he did.  It clearly had these things and others that he was diametrically opposed to because he had been taught in seminary from the old books that they are wrong. 
  This was back in the 90's, before Protocol 1411 of 1999 came out.
Hope this adds a little bit to the topic.

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