question about how to deal with a situation morally
(08-06-2012, 05:35 PM)newyorkcatholic Wrote: Getting complaints together is a good idea. I am going to seek signatures and ask others to call as well.

This is not about revenge btw. My goal would be to use just enough smelly stuff hat it wouldn't bother people walking by much, and wouldn't be noticed if your door was closed, but would be quite annoying if your door was open. So if she closes her door, no one would be affected.

Also I agree I will do more to seal our door. The thing is that the hallway is like a bar (except now in NYC you can't smoke in bars, lol). Closing her door will make a huge difference.

I would like to just close her door (a lawyer suggested this to me) but she uses something to prop it open. I don't feel comfortable crossing her threshold to move the object.

I have called 311 about this several times and files complaints. They can't do anything. I've called the cops, they can't do anything. I've. Alled the landlord countless times (literally dozens) and have sent them certified letters.

I could sue but would likely lose. I could move but it would be a serious financial blow.

I could bear this if it were just me but because of the baby I feel compelled. I could borrow a few thousand, have a new debt, somehow get my wife to pack and move while I work full time and she cares for the baby.

Or I could try the stink. I really am not sure if it's right, but it's so tempting.

You've called 311, the cops & the landlords, sent certified letters to sounds as if this has already  become a war & it will just escalate if you put smelly stuff in the hall. The only things I can suggest is to open your own door & set a large fan in your open doorway. Blow her smoke back at her, if she's across the hall from you. If she asks why you've done that, just say that you have an odor in your apt. (You DO..........her smoke.) If that doesn't help, take this to the housing authorities & face the fact that you might HAVE to move.

(BTW. I'm an EX-smoker & would never have done what she's doing.)

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