Good apologetics book for an atheist
(08-10-2012, 02:29 PM)JayneK Wrote:
(08-10-2012, 12:51 PM)jbd Wrote: The Last Superstition:  A Refutation of the New Atheism by the wonderful young Thomist, Edward Feser:

From Booklist:

*Starred Review* New Atheists Richards Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennett, and Sam Harris get their comeuppance from philosopher Feser in the spirit with which they abuse believers. “Their books stand out for their manifest ignorance” of the Western religious tradition, he says, “and for the breathtaking shallowness of their philosophical analysis of religious matters.” Far better than such no-quarters rhetoric, however, are the review of pre-Aristotelian philosophy and the summary of Aristotelian metaphysics and Thomas Aquinas’ refinements of Aristotle that make up the heart, soul, and bulk of the book. Feser chooses to argue from Aristotle because he was not arguing from any religious perspective and because Aristotle’s logic, his rationality, hasn’t been improved upon or refuted by modern philosophy. Aristotle’s proof that there is a prime mover or pure being—God—remains solid. Ignoramuses like the four horsemen of the apostasy, whose factual errors, half-truths, and mischaracterization Feser highlights with contemptuous glee, “refute” Aristotle only by changing the playing field from metaphysics to science, from philosophical realism to materialism. With energy and humor as well as transparent exposition, Feser reestablishes the unassailable superiority of classical philosophy. --Ray Olson

My husband didn't like this book because of the way it puts down atheists. But he is much nicer than I am.  It is one of my favourite books.   :grin:

At the risk of being pedantic Jayne, I would like to offer a qualification to this point. If it was stressed that there are certain atheists who are put down in a polemical manner, I would agree, but atheism in general is treated with respect. I think Feser is only sharp with those particular atheists whom he sees as being intellectually dishonest, or at the very least sloppy. For instance Dennet, Hitchens, Dawkins, etc.

I would agree that this would perhaps be a relevant work for the OP, but i've not read that much else. I think that if any atheist approached the five ways properly, and well-informed on the metaphysical underpinnings therein, he would eventually be convinced. Whether your average atheist is prepared to do this is another matter altogether. However, I do think that this text is particularly  useful for the way in which it exposes how the modern 'rebuttal' of Aristotle is based on a misintepretation of his understanding of causality, as is - consequently - the 'rebuttal' of the Angelic Doctor.

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