Contradictions of the modern popes
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(08-17-2012, 12:37 PM)Stubborn Wrote: Father, may I remind you that this is supposed to be a Traditional Catholic forum . . .

I think part of the problem is that the definition of "traditional Catholic" has mutated over the years, so those traditional Catholics of the "traditional persuasion" find those of the Summorum Pontificum persuasion (conservative Catholics) to be quite hostile to the traditional persuasion. Tradition as a obligation and tradition as a (strong) preference will never see eye to eye.

I think that "traditional Catholic" has always been used in the differing senses that it is used now.  However the proportion of people who use the term the way that you and Stubborn do has grown smaller.  Thus we see the constant attempts to suggest that some people aren't "real trads" and have no right to express themselves here in the forum.  The "resist the Magisterium" type of trads want to be in the majority and drown out the other opinions.

I know you don't answer straight questions with straight answers, so just ask yourself - why on earth would any traditional Roman Catholic resist the Magisterium.

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