Contradictions of the modern popes
(08-17-2012, 02:19 AM)kingofspades Wrote: The fanatism and stubborn 'hey wanna pick a fight' mentality in this topic is so dominant, that nobody even wants to think about the topic as such.  :crazy:

And mr TrentCath, look in the mirror: what do you think others here (including me) think about the SSPX when the society is linked with this kind of theoligical street fighting? Consider the possiblity that the impression could arise that we cannot have a normal conversation with SSPX people? Too much fanatism gives the SSPX a bad name. People might think "it look so holy when we attend Mass, but inderneath i's a community of insulting, yelling, hammering, fanatic people"! Not to say what less balanced people might think.

In the end it's all a waste of energy, your whole topic. You'd better used that time for praying.

May I ask you: what theoligical studies did you make? Do you have a PhD or so?

Is your job to come here and shit all over the SSPX?  Because, priest or not, that's all I've seen you post.  And I'd encourage you to go to an SSPX chapel and meet and talk with the chapelgoers, because of the like 4 or 5 chapels I've been to (not a lot, but more than most Catholics), I've found very welcoming, nice, and devout Catholics. 

Your slanderous bullshit is out of line, ESPECIALLY if you are, as you claim, a Catholic priest. 

And, you should take your own advice.

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