Greed rears its ugly face
Pushing Cardinal Dolan to one side, and that's be a feat, how can any organization follow Catholic Teachings and promote them when the entire apparatus and most of the pewsitters are as goofy as this ? He who will not be named is as wise as the serpent he worships. He wanted to strike at the money that goes to the Church by removing the tax break for charity for those that make over 250k, and for those that don't know these are the folks which give big to charities. As they get richer they then somehow forget, but your basic new upper middle class are the engine. The Prez. failed , but this HHS Mandatum is the stroke of brilliance, he'll split the Church, and George Soros who has said he'd wants to see these changes in moral teachings, will be happy.

Now I am worried again, is this fight for religious liberty, and not for the real reason of immorality, just a ruse, where the malcontents whether liberal or neo-con, and I mean political affiliation, get their way. Will the Church in America by default now "canonize" the "pill" after this ?  Will American Catholics get exactly what they want when they rejected Humanae Vitae. It sure as shit appears to be that way right now. There is no way this isn't directly an attack from Lucifer.


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