Faithful Nuns
(09-06-2012, 01:01 AM)rbjmartin Wrote: The Carmel of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in Valparaiso, NE is rock solid. They were established in 2000 and they are working on their third foundation. They established a daughter house in Elysburg, PA in 2009, and they just started a second daughter house in Canyon, CA. And they are likely to start a fourth very soon, as the mother house in Valparaiso is still well over the limit for a Carmel (it is supposed to only be 21 nuns, but they are allowed to exceed that number if they plan on sending some out to a new foundation; there are currently nearly 40).

This line of Carmelites is thoroughly traditional. Ever since their foundation in Nebraska, they have had the traditional Mass celebrated for them daily and they recite the traditional office. They also live a strict, traditional observance of the Carmelite rule. My understanding is that the mother superior in Valparaiso came from a Carmel in Mexico which had suffered the anti-Catholic persecutions in Mexico.

I can attest to the holiness and beauty of these nuns. There monastery is about 14 miles from here. They have a resident FSSP priest who offers daily Mass. They have talks, missions, and special celebrations on feast days. Priests also go there to learn the TLM. As a community we are all learning how to work together. They have no income, so we need to either donate food or money. There is also the responsibility of taking care of the grounds.

One thing that is a big hit is their All Saints Day party. All the kids come dressed as saints and participate in games. They then go over to the monastery to see the nuns and explain their costumes. The nuns also sang at my son's baptism. And one last thing, their Christmas Midnight Mass this past year was so beautiful and sublime, it still edifies my soul to l think about it. It was as close to Heaven as I have ever come. It is something to be experienced.

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