Benedict: Take Joy in the Good of our Separated Brethren
(10-23-2012, 09:10 AM)Scriptorium Wrote: Reposted to supply a "cogent" argument with new meditation.

Life is a series of acts, some good, some bad, which taken together form a whole, and defined solely by its position in the present. Some are here attempting to deny a good act, by appealing to the whole at this point in someone's life. I think we are worried too, that if we gave praise, we'd be compromising some core position. These people do good works in the name of Jesus, however filled with confusion and error they may be. The fact that we cannot find in ourselves to "come down" and take joy in that shows that we lack charity for our neighbor. Now some will come back and say that really what matters is going to heaven. And that on its face will look charitable, will look like the real optimum Catholic position, but they won't actually have charity in any concrete way that will get them there. It's this sort of abstract wish, this ideal while no position between heresy and complete conversion can be conceded (because all they can do is "scatter"). It's sort of like looking for a wife, but she has to be perfect. No physical flaws. No behavioral foibles. Etc. I won't settle for anything less, or for someone "on the way". Not seeing the good that can be harnessed and developed, and the transforming power of love. Before the good act of conversion to Christ, comes a good act of a heretic "going to hell". Notice the contrast of such willingness to criticize and stand in the position of judgement when finding wrong, but such reluctance to make light of good amongst one's enemies, which must be mitigated and qualified until in the end it really just brings us back to a criticism and fault finding. Note how we can't take joy because ultimately they're going to hell. No middle vision of their life. Only hell or conversion. A story without a middle. And notice how the Pope has to always be criticized. If he says the Church needs "a renewed enthusiasm in her faith in Jesus Christ, the only Savior of the world" we can't take joy even in that. We have to quote this text and that text, and look at, again, the "whole" which negates what he says. Good savior statement + bad Luther statement = bad Pope. Notice how whatever positive input there is in this and similar equations, he never gets to a positive. (I am sure even if he consecrated Russia just as our Lady said, no few will have internet postings showing what was wrong with it.) Although, in contradiction, we can't look at the whole of JPII. We have to overly focus on a few events. Funny how that always fits the argument one is making. My mind understands that someone doesn't have strong faith in their position when they are unable to concede something against their position.

Maybe the next address by the Pope should be titled "Take Joy in the Good of our Pope". Just to get us to loosen up enough to recognize these things to bring us into a holistic viewpoint. Or as Fox News would put it "Fair and Balanced". That's why I user the words "rigor" and "rigorism" so much. It's like some tensed up person. He ain't changin' his mind for nothin'. I worry mostly, honestly, about the most rigorist, who may not be able to accept when Jesus actually gives them a solution, because it may not be in line with their views, and he won't have the suppleness of mind to see it and make the shift. (In fact, shift is antithetical to such a person.)

Today's meditation: "I sent you to reap what you have not worked for; others have done the work, and you are sharing the fruits of their work."

The statements is just as much of a strawman now, as it was last time you posted it.

O ye miserable trads that whinge and moan and are so extreme, why can't you be more reasonable? is a pretty good summary of what you've written. It may surprise you but yes I do actually expect a pope to uphold the uniqueness of the Church and not try and claim that actually it doesn't matter whether you are Catholic or not as we are all working together for the same goal in different ways, that this reflects Gods infinite imagination, that we should recognise the purported good done by non catholics and deprecate holy mother the Church.

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