L. Brent Bozell, Jr. and the Events of June 6, 1970
(11-01-2012, 04:15 PM)Jacob Wrote: I don't want to go into a lot of detail here because Bozell's arguments, while clearly stated without a lot of complexity, are simply beyond a mere quote or two here.  The book really is worth picking up and at less than  twenty dollars for a nice solid hardbound, it's not a budget breaker.

Today's reading included a two part letter to conservatives written in 1969 after the election of Nixon.  Bozell in his letter talks to conservatives about how they were on the road to death just as were secular liberals.  The first part speaks of the conservative movement and its flaws.  The second part is the more important of the two because it offers a way forward for Man, Christianity and a Christian mode of politics.  It is only through this that the poor (of spirit) can come to Christianity.  Unless civilization has at its head God and Truth, the poor are incapable of coming to Christ.  The example of this is Rome.  Christianity was a religion of the moral elite, those who could come to it despite every effort made by the state to put Christianity down.  It was only after Constantine that the multitude of the poor, led by the Church's missionaries and unhindered (indeed, helped by) Caesar, converted.

Thanks Jacob some really neat information and some things to ponder such as the above.  The debate btween the 2 Popes sounds like it is worth the price of admission to purchase the book.  Safe to say Bozell seemed ahead of his time.  The poor have taken a beating since V2.

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