Criticize Fellay and be DENIED communion??
(10-24-2012, 09:18 AM)Fontevrault Wrote: TrentCath,

I certainly don't expect the priests of the SSPX to be anything other than sinners like the rest of us.  But, denial of communion is a serious matter.  To glibly dismiss such an act as a non-issue seems wrong too.  

I have only seen denial of communion in a TLM setting and only once.  I was in France when a man came up at the very end of communion.  The priest met his eyes and with a very sad face shook his head.  I remember being struck by how dejected the priest was to have to deny anyone communion - on Christmas of all days.  The man hung his head and returned to his seat.  The whole thing took mere seconds and could easily have passed unnoticed by most of the congregation.  I assume it was done with a fair bit of forethought and communication between the two men.  I had the feeling that it hurt both of them.  

It seems to me that this is the way denial of communion should be.  It shouldn't be done in anger or out of pettiness.  It should be something done carefully, with forethought and communication about the circumstances.  It should be done as a corrective - out of charity for the sinner involved.  Anything else seems wrong.

You are missing the point completely:
a) no one is being glib and no one is saying its a non issue, that is you reading your frustrations into other peoples words
b) the point is that these things happen and people who want to use as a stick to bash the SSPX with need to be aware they prove too much and bash the Church with it too. These sorts of purported mistakes, happened in the past history of the church and no doubt will happen in the future history too.

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