Criticize Fellay and be DENIED communion??
It's not really a 'mistake' though is it? Not in the normal sense of that word.

You don't mistakenly deny communion to a 16 year old because her mother has voiced concerns or has disagreements.

That's just catty and vindictive and an abuse of power.  It is not a mistake.

Of course the SSPX has priests who do uncharitable and vindictive things, gossip, bicker and carry on like teenage girls sometimes.  No human institution is perfect.  The point for discussion is whether this is characteristic of how the SSPX deals with the laity it does not like.  I've not seen the FSSP do this.  SSPX has a very distinctive way of dealing with disagreement as the latest kicking out of +Wiliamson demonstrates as do the threats to the owner of the Ignis Ardens forum.

There is a definite tendancy in my opinion in some branches of the Church to refuse to engage in any discussion about what is wrong and what might be improved.  It appears to me to have existed for a couple of hundred years at least.  The child abuse scandal reveals the same blinkered refusal to see something wrong at the level of the institution itself.

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