Magnificent Video of Easter High Mass, 1940
Hey, I found this video that y'all may or may not have seen.

It's a Solemn High Mass on Easter Sunday, 1940 with contemporary commentary; it appears that it was meant as an instructional video for Catholics at the time. It's a beautiful Mass, and watching it makes me once again reflect on one often-forgotten tragedy of recent decades: the robbing of billions of Catholics of their rightful culture and heritage. It grieves me to no end to see the beautiful high altar, the large congregation of well and modestly dressed Catholics, the large Gregorian choir, the many priests in the sanctuary, etc. which have always made our ancestors the papists, Latinists, Traditionalists, rosary-yielders, and sacrificial, unworldly, and God-directed people (well, at least the practicing Catholics, I suppose). Some of the comments made by the narrating priest have so much more impact now that things have changed, e.g. when he mentions that Gregorian chant is the pride of the Church since it is a music of her own creation whose sole purpose is prayer to God.

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