Remnant Interview with Maximilian Krah
"As what I would assume to be a rather impartial observer (I am not a regular SSPX attendee, etc.), I must admit that I did not find the interview with Mr. Krah all that convincing.

He seems to obfuscate the real question about the State of Israel by refusing to address the theoretical question and instead stating that the practical situation is not so bad so we ought not to worry. That does little to dispel accusations, be they factual or not, of him being a Zionist.

Furthermore, his last point about how he would attend another Friends of Tel Aviv event, comes across as immature and confrontational. He ought not to be supporting such a group, and even if going to a reception is not supporting them per se, plenty of folks quite understandably interpret it as such, so why the insipid and childish "I will do what I want" trope?[/quote]

What exactly does an opinion on the State of Israel or involvement with a secular institution like Tel Aviv University have to do with Traditional Catholicism?

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