Recent Synod enshrines Religious Liberty
You are confounding the issue by confusing terms.  Within a secular world (what we live in - sorry - fact), the term right makes sense.  The synod also discusses the current religious persecution of Christians (please note particularly the areas in red and my subsequent comments in blue):

Proposition 16 : RELIGIOUS LIBERTY
The Synod Fathers reaffirm that religious freedom is a basic human right. This includes the freedom of conscience and also the liberty to freely choose one’s religion. We are in solidarity with our brothers and sisters, in different parts of the world, who are suffering from lack of religious freedom and even persecution. Isn't this precisely what I said: that the bishops were trying to explain the significance of religious liberty in the current political and social climate - responding to persecutions?
In light of the recognition of the Second Vatican Council as an instrument for the New Evangelization and the growing need to protect the religious liberty of Christians throughout the world, the Synod Fathers propose a renewed commitment to and wider diffusion of the teachings of Dignitatis Humanae. This renewal seeks to affirm and promote freedom in religious matters for individuals, families and institutions to protect the common good of all. Such a freedom includes the right to teach the Christian faith without compromise of its tenets to children in the family and/or school.  This seems to speak to the contention that somehow the issue is the inclusion of nonCatholic doctrine being taught in Catholic institutions - something not endorsed here.  What else could be meant by the comment "the right to teach the Christian faith without compromise of its tenets"?
The Synod Fathers propose that the Holy Father consider the opportuneness of establishing a commission of Church leaders representing various parts of the Church throughout the world or entrusting this task to the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, to address attacks on religious liberty, and to obtain accurate information for public witness to the fundamental right to religious freedom and freedom of conscience.  So, in short, the church must address attacks on religious liberty throughout the world - regardless of the political context in which they are occurring.  They are attempting to address the real world scenario not some hypothetical Catholic state that does not exist.

We've already addressed the fact that much of this "right" - for lack of a better term - to be free from coercion and practice one's faith is not outlandish nor is it particularly modern.  There is a huge difference between interfaith BS and what is being said here. 

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