The number of abusing priests is miniscule
I'm new to the TLM and Fish Eaters. I don't know how most feel about Bill Donohue, but he reviewed a study done by the John Jay Institute for the USCCB and he determined that it was more of a homosexual problem rather than a pedophilia problem. These numbers aren't exact, I am remembering them from an interview he did with Arroyo on EWTN. It was something like 70% of the victims were post pubescent males. I am terrible with computers or I would include a link to the study, but I found the study on Donohue's website. Laughably of course the study said that the scandal had nothing to do with homosexuality and I think the USCCB agreed more or less. Hence why I am a Trad now. (that's not the only reason, but that kind of secular, liberal thinking drove me crazy where I currently live in the Baltimore area)

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