Documentary on Northern Irish Troubles
A few things to know about the North. One, the fighting didn't achieve anything. It was bad on both sides, and in the end it really didn't get much done. The recent accords has achieved much. The Irish language is spreading beyond republican circles, celtic/irish culture is on the rise, the opening of the borders between the 6 and the 26 counties, and there is much more of a sentiment of moving on. The people who are there who come from the Scottish have just a right to be there as the Irish. It is their home just as much as Europeans have a right to live in the USA. Lastly, the tricolor was about the green and orange finding the peace in the white. There is still a lot of hate and division left, but the fighting and the efforts to reunite the two by swallowing the North will just set things back. The North probably will become an independent state before going over to Ireland. That's just a fact. but we're closer to a united Ireland much more now than when there was fighting.

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