All Souls Indulgence Question
(11-02-2012, 09:18 AM)Aggie3 Wrote: My apologies if this is not posted in the right place!

I am a little confused about the plenary indulgences available for the All Saints/All Souls octave.

If I visit a church or public oratory today to gain the indulgence for the dead, and if I visit a cemetery to gain another one, do I need to say the usual prayers (for the Pope's intentions) each time? And if I continue to visit various cemeteries for the next few days, do I need to attend Mass every day? Or does the Mass I attended yesterday suffice?

I still haven't been to confession to gain my indulgence from Christ the King... so would that confession, if I went today, suffice for all of the above?

Haha... I swear I am NOT an indulgence junkie! I am just learning about this octave and I think it's awesome how the Church takes care of her people! I've been a practicing Catholic all my life and never knew about any of these opportunities.

A plenary indulgence maybe gained only once a day applicable to the holy Souls.  The practice you mantion is known as "toties quoties" -- "as often as" -- indulgences are gained as often as you visit a Chhurch, Oratory, cemetary, etc.  As kids, we used to go to a Church, say an Our Father, Haily Mary, Glory be, go out of the Church and then go back in and repeat the praywers.  We did it as many times as we could and hoped a soul would be released for our effort.

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