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Children at the NO: Is it confusing for them?
I only knew of NO until I reverted and dove right in. Did you catch that... I chose not to make my Confirmation when I was in the NO system. (and the public school system) It was so bad in my young adult life eventually I was completely estranged from Jesus Christ. In fact, I didn't really understand or know much about Catholicism so with poor faith formation it was bound to happen. I was what you would call a ChrEastian. Christmas Eve Mass, sometimes Easter, random scant Sundays only taken during CCDs for 1st communion and dropped off by myself 8 years old at church. It used to make me mad I was alone when others had their family but that's a deeper issue cuz I was adopted by my aunt. I can still see all the tall bodies standing around me. I remember having to hold the hand of a man with 2 thumbs on his hand- I was scared but it turned out ok, he smiled at me and said I had a nice voice and I should join the choir. Anyway, I remember wondering why I couldn't remember the Nicene Creed and getting upset about that. A bit of a perfectionist :) I saw my first Sister there. I was awed even then, knowing she knew something I didn't know about the importance of all this Catholicism. Made my first Confession- face to face the most awful scary thing to do as a kid- and Communion (was never taught that whole state of grace thing) and didn't go back to Confession until I reverted and taught myself through the web with sites like fisheaters :) I got a rosary and was given a paper to pray it and my ex uncle would see my trying and tease me that he was going to send me to a nunnery to become a nun. There was a 6 year break from Church. I was asked if I wanted to make my Confirmation, went to lifeteen but no one there seemed to want to be there so I came to dread it- wasn't really a faith forming safe place- kids are mean right. I actually got made fun of for bringing a bible and that some of it was highlighted. Yep, one of many reasons I left and went a looking for something else to fill the spiritual void.

I don't know if the TLM would have been better or not for me if all the circumstances were the same. Who really knows? Kids are only confused if not given information or given misinformation and not checked for understanding. I was such a girly girl I would have adored wearing veils though. In fact I remember my aunt talking about it once that she had to wear a doily when she was little and some women wore veils. Now that I remember, it was brought up because of the first communion veil lol. I think the Latin Mass would have been more confusing for me since I had no strong consistant faith guidance. Then again I would probably have zoned out on beautiful religious statues or artwork or stations. I never prayed the stations until this year can you believe that! Oh and the 13th station is my favorite! I can remember not paying attention to the Mass when little and just thinking about that giant Crucifix hung behind the altar. I remember looking at it and wanting to cry, looking at others going through the motions and looking back at the Crucifix and wanting to run outta there to hide my tears. I just knew He was still sad about something. Crazy how you remember things from so young. Sad thing is I went to visit my childhood parish and it was replaced by a resurrection cross. Just isn't the same. Like moving further inch by inch towards Protestant systems.


I came back because a little tiny seed was planted in those young NO years. Somehow it brought me back from the spiritually dead. Somehow it dawned on me that there is One God in the Holy Trinity of the Father the Son and Holy Spirit. I have personal proof that the same grace is in each Mass, NO or TLM. The optimal faith formation is by the book with the perfect form of worship in the TLM though. Now that I know better, Jesus deserves the best. The Church deserves the best. Let's pray the TLM and live the faith. I think somehow people forgot that traditions aid in passing down the faith from one generation to the next. In the effort to be opening the church some confused it with barren I guess.

My son complains about going to TLM because it is 2 hrs. Tough. He has also said he wants to be an alter boy or religious before. I think he sees the importance of church more at TLM. It's the one place where it is nothing about you or so and so, it's just adoring and worshiping Our Lord. Yep, much clearer in TLM. I am bias with this also because faith formation is vital to salvation of souls, I almost lost mine so I hope this helps form my children waaaaay better. Aside from what I try to teach. Oh and TLM trumps because it is the Mass the saints prayed :)

If you read this far can you please add my aunt (candyapples aunt) to your prayers, may she come back to the Catholic Church, overcome her addictions, and find physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Pray for me to forgive her and heal from it all too. Thanks.

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