Pope St Pius X explains what loving the Pope really entails.
Phillipus Jacobus,

I'd definitely recommend careful study of the article by Dr Lamont. It's helped me see the cataclysm that came in the wake of Vatican II as something that was approaching for a very long time. The understanding of faith as a response to a trustworthy testimony, even that of God Revealing, became eclipsed by the implicit notion that faith was, rather, obedience to a command from a superior. I'm afraid that, again, that old rascal William of Ockam contributed to this by his denial of universals. Just as we must do something not because of its intrinsic goodness but because God commands it, so also we must believe something not because of its truth but because God commands it.

Thus, we have come to the pass where Catholics are being called to unconditionally assent, for example, to the novel teaching of the Second Vatican Council on religious liberty even though it is simply not clear in what it coheres with the traditional teaching on that subject. But, rather than an authoritative clarification being given, demands for obedience are heard. As if religious assent were purely a matter of the will barking orders to the intellect: "assent! assent!"

Perhaps God has permitted this terrible situation, in part, to demonstrate how the notion of faith had imperceptibly changed in the Church.

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