Dignitatis Humanae / Religious Liberty
We should define a few of the various terms and ideas in this discussion:

(1) What is the Catholic definition of liberty?
(2) What is the role of the State with regard to the true religion (e.g. the Catholic faith)?
(3) What is religious toleration?
(4) Did "Catholic States", in other words, Catholicism being the official religion enjoying privileges from the State, able to repress certain erroneous ideas? Or did the Catholic State overstep its boundaries when it did so?
(5) What does it mean when it is said that man has an innate dignity? Whence does this dignity come from?
(6) Can it be proven categorically that DH is in line with Tradition and if so that its rejection is tantamount to denying Catholic doctrine? What level of assent must a Catholic give to DH?


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