The Little Number of Those Who Are Saved
I must admit this troubles me.  Like others, I've seen and read this before.  The whole 144,000 thing is particularly worrisome for two reasons:

First, because the text itself implies that 144,000 go to heaven, the other 99.999999999999% of us to hell. 

Second, because of the way modern priests always - and I do mean always - casually dismiss it with a wave of the arm and something trite like "Oh never mind the number, that was just a really big number back then.  Today, it would be billions and billions".  [NB: this was the actual homily I heard last time]

I also agree that there has been a grave loss of understanding of the concept of imperfect contrition.  I have sometimes, despite prayer, not felt sorry in the least for certain sins.  But I 1) knew they were sins, 2) fear hell and 3) genuinely intend to stop committing them.  So, I would confess but make it clear that my contrition for those sins was imperfect.  Priests, generally, don't know what I mean and I have to explain it to them.  Clearly, the subject never came up during seven years of whatever the heck they were doing in seminary (zen? meditation? ecumenism?)

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