"You are of your father the Devil" Gospel of John
(11-30-2012, 02:39 AM)SouthpawLink Wrote: From my reading of the following commentary, Our Lord was speaking to the Jews in general: http://www.catholicapologetics.info/scri.../8john.htm

That is Lapide's commentary. It is not imputed to the Jews "in general", but those who would not believe. i.e., denying the Christ. And who is anti-christ? He who denies Christ, choosing a different Father in practice. Since there is only Heaven or Hell in the end, any denial of the Son is denial of the Father, and chooses, by default, Satan as pops.

Haydock's commentary is a valuable litmus test here: http://haydock1859.tripod.com/id101.html

The question then becomes, if this is to the Jews in general, are not the Jews of Israel the true Jews? lawlz.

And then, isn't anyone who denies the Son then a Jew?

Certainly, this must be the case. No wonder some here see Jews everywhere.

I love fun with cognitive dissonance, it's a rollicking game.

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