Australian bishops approve "Ramadaan Prayer"
(12-08-2012, 01:27 AM)CollegeCatholic Wrote: You all....  are ... praying for them?  To convert, right?  Because, this is DURING a Mass, a liturgy, where we worship God, so it only makes sense that we pray they convert.

Oh, no, wait, you're praying that they find grace and favor in God's eyes.

How can anyone do find "grace and favor in God's eyes" outside the Catholic Church?  By denying His Son's divinity, doesn't that insult Him? 

To not oppose error is to approve it.  Someone in the Church said that, right?  Well.... now we have the hierarchs ... praying and confirming Muslims in their false religion?

To me, it sounds like the Australian hierarchy might be part of a Church that is New in foundation.....   

The arrangement of the words is such that it can be taken as perfect orthodoxy.  the new churchmen are pros at this.  As long as a single "interpretation" of a problematic statement can be seen as orthodox, the newcatholics who follow the teaching of these newchurchmen will defend their honor, even if they're got to throw the statement over their shoulder three times and then cover it in talcum powder and rinse it off and tilt it at a certain angle in the sun before boiling it and then bury it for two days and come back and look at it under a black light.  Voila, if you look at it THAT way there's no problem!! 
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