Pacquiao loses on december 8 because he turned his back on the Blessed Mother
What's the hoopla about Pacquiao being " born again"? It' s either he never had the Catholic faith, or he apostatized. Wearing a Rosary over his neck and making signs of the Cross were mere talismans or signs he saw that using them were giving him victories. God will not be mocked.  We implore God for the good of our souls and not to ask that we beat somebody senseless in an arena where all enjoy seeing blood spilled. The only Blood He let spilled was His Son's who shed It so we sinners could get reconciled with Him. 

Any mother who is a devout Catholic of course who be horrified that her son would convert to a false religion where salvation is a big iffy.  But then also, she is aware that all these protestant pastors are not really concerned for his "salvation" but rather see the big bucks they can make from him.  Pacquiao is worth something like 1.5 billion pesos (37,500,000.00 in USD).  Further, the Philippines, just as in Central and South America (where Protestantism has made great inroads in conversions) is now overrun by these religions.  It's the Shepherds fault for not keeping watch over the purity of the Faith but rather have been more concerned about "peace" and "social justice" and the like.

Quote:Someone should tell Dionisia that he can still be saved outside of the Church, so it's no big worry.

Modernist quote.  How, since there is no salvation outside the true Church?

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