Should we pray for the soul of the murderer/suicide from CT?
(12-18-2012, 06:12 PM)Hanno Wrote:
(12-18-2012, 05:58 PM)SMKMI Wrote: He's dead. That means he is either in: 1) heaven 2) purgatory 3) hell.

If 1, praying for his soul is pointless, as he has the beatific vision and he will be responding to prayers with his own. If 2, it will help him get to heaven quicker and he will pray for those kind souls in the Church Militant who prayed for him. If 3, irrevocably pointless.

I see nothing to indicate he is in the state of 1 or 2, unless he had a moment of perfect contrition before committing suicide... think about that.

Praying for any suicide would generally suppose that the person repented in their last instant of life.  It's unlikely, but not impossible.  People who lose a loved one to suicide can hold out such a hope.  But that's not the only reason a suicide might be in purgatory.  Their culpability could be lessened by things like mental illness or prescription drugs.

You might see nothing to indicate the shooter is purgatory, but none of us are God so we just can't know.

Even if a soul is in hell, are our prayers for them "irrevocably pointless"?  Given that we can't know who's in hell outside of Judas, why would the Church exhort us to pray for the dead if we might be wasting our time?

They are pointless insofar as the repose of someone's soul. hell = not getting out, ever. Kinda like praying for Satan to once again be the highest angel-- it's not happening.

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