Homosexual Marriage. Why is the Church picking this battleground ?
One for the conspiracy minded.

The Church appears to be seeking to pick a political standing ground, at least here in the UK, on the issue of homosexual marriage.  There is a much larger amount of media coverage and fairly clear "make a stand" type statements from churchmen on this topic than I can ever recall the Bishop making about Abortion or any other moral issue.  There have been several announcements from the pulpit issued by the local bishops and some of these have had an almost apocalyptic tone and have even mentioned martyrdom.  It is on the front pages of the Catholic newspapers frequently.

An optimist might rejoice that after 40 years the Bishops of Britain finally appear to have grown a pair.  But this is out of character and it makes me wonder why men who have been weaklings about Abortion, Divorce, couples living with each other before marriage, or with no intention to be married (which is very common here) appear to have drawn a line on this particular issue.  Why now and why this given what they have let slide without vocal objection.

Is the Church doing this vigorous campaign worldwide, at least in the countries where same sex marriage is on the cards?  Who is driving it?  How much of a counter campaign is being mounted in your country?

The Bishops seem to be of the opinion that allowing homosexual marriage in secular society will destroy the nature of marriage and send human society into the abyss.  It is almost like they are saying, all that other stuff we were prepared to tolerate in the name of ecumenism and (false) charity but this is a bridge too far.

Personally, I don't get why they see homo marriage as something that will change society significantly  more than other moral declines do. Heterosexuals are not going to radically change their natures nor are young people going to be especially scandalised at the idea that 1 in 100 marriages, or less are homosexual.  So many secular heterosexuals and even Catholics treat marriage like a joke and something to be jumped in and out of that I really don't see that allowing homosexuals to be legally married is going to make much of a difference to society.  Besides that horse has left the stable already I think the majority of the population support homo marriage or are indifferent to it.

In short, marriage has already been destroyed in the mind of the typical secularist Brit and European.  The state agrees that infanticide is legal and funds it with taxes.  Why are a bunch of Bishops most of whom are highly tolerant of homosexuals choosing this as a campaigning point?

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