Homosexual Marriage. Why is the Church picking this battleground ?
(01-02-2013, 09:09 AM)ggreg Wrote: This might be seen as a ridiculous question but which is more "natural"

Two homosexuals wanting to live together and have their relationship recognised by the legal system, and society at large, or Hugh Hefner's latest marriage to Crystal Harris?

As much as I dislike both states I have more contempt for Hugh Hefner and his new bride than the homosexuals.  The motivations of the homosexuals certainly seems more human and is easier to have some level of empathy with them.  In that sense, at least to me, it is less unnatural.

Interview above.  Not embedded in order to not subject you to these two disgusting people.

Neither and this is a foolish comparison. The fight is over the protection of the most basic structure of a civilized society. This is more than about to girls getting tax benefits for doing scissors. Marriage is the foundation of the family from which children are born and raised. Homosexual  and philanthropist mock-marriages are both abominations to a cornerstone in the social structure. Falling for these cheap 'reductio ad nauseum' arguments only strengthen the continued breakdown of society.

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