Williamson to consecrate a bishop??
(01-14-2013, 08:30 PM)DrBombay Wrote: The state run commie Church in China says the TLM.  The underground Rome-approved Church says the NO.

Ponder that one if you will, then ponder it some more.  Diabolical disorientation indeed.
Here's a video, but it appears he's doing a concelebrated Novus (dis)Ordo, and I saw Communion-in-the-hand, too:

Do a video search for "中國天主教愛國會" ("Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association"), and you'll find more videos.

But, according to a quick Google translation of that video's description, it appears that bishop is seeking unity with Rome:
Quote:The official Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association meeting Saturday held the sacraments Shanghai coadjutor bishop Mada Qin, Tajima in his speech when suddenly announced that it would no longer serve as a member of the Catholic Patriotic Association, thanks to God first and Catholics support the Mada Qin assistant bishop in his speech, because The duties of elected assistant bishop of the Catholic Patriotic Association is not recognized by the Holy See, the part of the clergy refused to attend, Ma expressed: "insight into the people of God, people look at him, God, look at people's hearts. justice in the natural, man proposes, God disposes . "
Mada Qin subsequently elaborated own religious philosophy, then abruptly changed the subject, refers to own was the Vatican approved bishop appointed supplemented, body and mind should be on pastoral and evangelization, "So from this moment ordained today I no longer convenient as a member of the Patriotic Association! "

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