Mercedes Benz Superbowl Ad: Satanic Message
Here is an interesting analysis of the Faustian Mercedes Benz superbowl ad, where a man is asked to sell his soul to the devil to obtain a new model of Mercedes Benz that will lead to a life of fame, riches, and pleasures.

In addition, I did a little research regarding the inscription that is on the contract that is offered to the man to sign ("Sigilla posuere magister diabolus et daemones"). This is an excerpt from the Pactum Satanicum of 1633/1634, and it is said to be used at Black Masses, which invert and mock the sacred words and symbols of the Catholic Mass.  The full Latin text may be found here:
or here:

A translation and explanation of this pact can be found here:

I think whoever put this ad together must have had extensive knowledge of the occult and Satanic rituals.

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