JFK, abortion, and the usual suspects
(02-15-2013, 02:01 PM)Burdensome1 Wrote: I found this blog entry fascinating


in part:

Quote: Publicly, the Kennedys patronized the Church, but privately they helped create a shadow church of religious laymen and clergy who helped them rationalize their own version of Catholicism.

The Catholic pro-abortion movement, for instance, was hatched at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port. In the summer of 1964, Bobby and Ted Kennedy met at the Cape with some leading dissident priests – Robert Drinan, Richard McCormick, Joseph Fuchs, and Charles Curran – to figure out how Catholic politicians could pander to the growing abortion movement without upsetting their Catholic constituencies.

According to one witness, the theologians “concurred on certain basics. . .that a Catholic politician could in good conscience vote in favor of abortion.” The action plan developed that week in Hyannis Port, in sociologist Anne Hendershott’s judgment, contributed to effectively neutralizing the Catholic laity and “helped build the foundation for the [Democratic] party’s reincarnation as the party of abortion.”

I went ahead and ordered the biography of Joe Kennedy being advertised in the story, should be a good read.

I have one priest friend who mentions often how glad he is that JFK "went to confession in Dallas the night before he was shot" but I own the Mansfield "Death of a President" which is basically a minute-by-minute chronology of JFK's last hours which mentions nothing about it. 

It seems in retrospect that the only real opportunity to keep Catholic politicians in the USA in the Church was lost when the Church failed to excommunicate JFK during the campaign. 


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