Restoring Catholic Life - Three Ideas
I've lifted this from a different post of mine.

Too many of us, myself I give first, like to imagine us as Catholic traditionalists but are we?  Are we really working towards the Restoration, or just enjoying a shade of retro?

As I see it, the Church and the teachings of our holy religion are like a chiseled castle that weathers the fluidity of the world's elements.  However, as His Excellency, Bishop Morlino very, there is this sense that religion is a 'moralistic therapeutic deism.'  The Faith is not real like that stone fortress, but rather more like dabs of ice cream: just a few scoops at a times leaves us feeling satiated.

Embracing a Catholic pattern of life, along the lines of St. Benedict, is a tough sell in general and not much easier in many pockets of tradition.

I can't get anyone at my Oratory  (aside from those who already had personal devotions) to actually pray the parts of the Divine Office, the Little Office or even pieces of it.  However, dozens of people will spend probably hours a week (or even a day) wondering about the end times, where the Grand Monarch will make his seat, and whether the Pope will move to Iowa or Panama during the tribulation.

To be clear, I'm not criticizing the opening poster; this is an important news item and people should know well the dangers of the modern world.  Indeed I'm taking this as an opportunity to encourage us to organize ourselves in a Catholic sense.  Again, as a simple examples:

Public prayer of the Church > End Times speculation. 

Focusing on our appointed work/jobs > Engaging in theological curiosity (thus neither supporting our families well nor molding a Catholic mind effectively)

The toughest part of Our Lady's commands at Fatima is for us to manage well our states in life.  We lay want to play Priest or Religious, but enjoy the comforts of this life.  Too many Priests and Religious ape pop culture, but want to command that respect of the Office (especially the privilege of collecting money!)  Or perhaps, we envy another person's position and neglect our own station. 

What we lack in modern times, among other things, is borders and roles.  It's understandable because of the Internet, high speed travel, ease of daily comfort, etc.  My recipe for getting back a Catholic sense is:

Bring back the Minor Orders.  Young men should deal with ecclesiastical administration/ditch digging tasks, not bossy women.  Those of us men who do these tasks should have the office clearly assigned for the benefit of all.

Live the Liturgy.  Scrap the insane, abusive, and painfully blemished Novus Ordo Sacrifice and go back to what we always had.  Indeed, we need to live the Liturgical Year and the best source out there is Dom Gueranger's collection.  But I actually mean 'live it' in a literal, real sense.  Lent is a time of personal sacrifice and was always a time of harsh fasting.  It is an embarrassment that the Latin Church has jettisoned this to the point of only two days being 'fasts.'  Our Lord went 40 days and nights without food and He said that some demons can only be cast out through prayer and fasting.  Giving up bubble gum or chocolate is not a Lenten fast any of us in the West should feel worthy to present to Christ at the Day of Judgement. 

Promotion of the Divine Office and the Little Office.  Lace dress is great and feeling like a knight taking on the evil world even better.  But before we can expect to have Jonathan's martial command, we need to emulate the humility of Our Lady.  Praying parts of the Office or the Little Office gives the entire day meaning and teaches better than any Bible Study program the history of this divine drama, the epic of Creation.

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