Restoring Catholic Life - Three Ideas
What I see is a wanting to return to some romanticized time of heraldry, as the only form of Christendom. Big mistake. If we are to return to "Feast Days" and the praying the Divine Office and all that entails including minor orders, be ready to give up modern life and affluence. Poverty is what insures those things. I don't mean poverty like in the Navajo Nation, but our expectations are way to high. You can't be a teacher unless you play by the rules of the school system, and that means going to the Cathedral first for Lauds and Mass before school is not happening. The way forward is to start small businesses. Then you can open at the hour you'd like and close at the hour you'd like.  It all comes down to subsidiarity. Are we willing to give up jobs in Big Biz. with bennys like pensions, and for that matter the G'ment or Banking, and return to more modest living with no certainties ? The society in which we live will not allow for that. A teacher can't drive 35 minutes to Church for Lauds and Mass, then one and a half hours later, drive another hour and fifteen minutes to teach starting 10:30 am. Things could change if suburbia disappeared and people worked in small business locally.
Then we could walk to Church, and walk to the Shop, and open and close in a rhythm with the Church. 


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