Restoring Catholic Life - Three Ideas
Tim, thanks for reading and replying!

To be clear, I'm not suggesting laymen adopt the Divine Office (Trent/1911/1960) in toto or even at all.  It's a clerical duty.

I've been promoting the Little Office, particularly Prime and Vespers, but preferably all of it. Reciting each hour in Latin with the exception of Matins and Lauds, takes maybe 5 minutes.  Vespers a few more.  My understanding is that this was through the 16th Century, a very common practice by literate people. 

My reasoning for promoting this is that the domestic church is a disaster as much as the rest of things.  I see a public prayer tied to the hours of the day as especially edifying.  When we pray as individuals, that's good.  Even better we should pray in groups.  Indeed the best prayer is that of Sacred Society. 

The Little Office is short enough to be prayed even by busy people.  But I see it this way: how much time does the average Catholic watch TV or listen to the Top 20?  How much time does the average traditionalist spend poring over speculations on papal intrigues, the Grand Monarch or the End Times?

In both cases, it is hard to argue that these practitioners could 'go to their Father with hands replete with good works.'  In the former case, it is a waste of time at best and in the latter scenario, a form of lukewarmness or misplaced curiosity.

In any case, I agree with your remarks particularly when you write

(02-19-2013, 11:00 AM)Tim Wrote: If we are to return to "Feast Days" and the praying the Divine Office and all that entails including minor orders, be ready to give up modern life and affluence. Poverty is what insures those things. I don't mean poverty like in the Navajo Nation, but our expectations are way to high....

The way forward is to start small businesses. Then you can open at the hour you'd like and close at the hour you'd like.  It all comes down to subsidiarity. Are we willing to give up jobs in Big Biz. with bennys like pensions, and for that matter the G'ment or Banking, and return to more modest living with no certainties ?

It is not common to find Catholics of this mindset.  It is a real meditation, especially for Lent.  We can say 'how am I ever going to get though this' or try to match St. Peter's confidence (faith) that he would walk on the waves with Our Lord, even if it seemed impossible.  We know after all that respectable people go to college (rack up massive debts), work at a major company (probably doing things not very congruent with the Faith), have three children (thanks to NFP or the pill) and then can reap the (usurious) income of their 401ks, pensions, etc. 

This mentality will be very hard to untangle because this materialist confusion is so embedded in America, to the point of annual hordes of people beating or shooting one another to get boxes of toxic slave-made junk.  In fact I don't think any of this happens organically, but will only come after a terrible physical chastisement, which we might be in the opening stages of.

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