Restoring Catholic Life - Three Ideas
The Little Office is something that I looked into. I have decided to do something different for Lent.

The thing is king, I see many trads making sacrifices. I know of a couple who trade off going to Adoration at 3am regularly. I know many families with 3-5 kids and not knowing how are they going to afford a vehicle for the whole family to be in. Many families choose to HS. Not because it's fun, or it feels good. It's not like we mothers have nothing else to do. But it is done as a sacrifice. Any family could benefit from an added income. But how many families choose not to. for the sake of their children.

So I can't really relate to your anger against trads, since the ones I know are suffering under economic hardships, HSing, driving 60miles one way for Mass, and still having babies. And unless I am wrong, you don't have a choice in contributing to a retirement plan. Which we all know will be worthless when the time comes.

I don't spend hours and hours looking up chastisement stuff. I have, over the years, formed my opinion of what is going to happen. And yes, I did take the big meteorite as a sign from God. It was a wake up call to those in the Vatican. To me, it not only highlighted the importance of the Consecration, but it made me realize how quickly God's wrath could change everything, and how much we deserve it. We know what the BVM said about "fire falling from the sky". I thought to myself, what if this happened right now? How can I prepare my children, they are so young. What about all the people I know that wouldn't have a clue? So my response is more prayer, uniting myself to the Passion. Realizing my absolute dependence on God, and how precious my relationship with my Heavenly Mother is.

So please do not make general rants mixing trads and non practicing Catholics. It can be a bit disheartening. I understand your frustration. But sometimes encouragement will get you farther.

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