Elephant ears and deep-fried Twinkies
Marisa Wrote:If you live near a Portuguese bakery, you MUST try "Pastéis de Nata" (also known as Pastéis de Belém), or Portuguese custard tarts. Make sure they're fresh! They're soooooo good......I wish I could have a couple right now (you can't eat just one!).
[Image: picksxEkS.jpg]

Oh, my my my, she said the magic word: custard! "Custard" just SOUNDS yummy somehow, doesn't it? My Mom and Grandma (R.I.P.) used to make custard all the time -- just little ramekins of custard with the nutmeg on top (and custard pies, too). Delicate, cool, light sweetness -- love it... So, those Portugese things look DAVOON! There's a Greek pastry, whose name I don't know, made of layers of filo and custard. If the Portugese things are anything like those, count me in!

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