Is this the Bishop in White 3rd Secret of Fatima message
(02-26-2013, 07:10 PM)formerbuddhist Wrote:
(02-26-2013, 06:45 PM)ggreg Wrote: OK, this is hot of the idle speculation press.  Just discussed this with a leading Fatima expert, (not Kramer).  You read it here first.

B16 goes into retirement.  After brief spell at C.gandolfo he goes back to Rome to retire.  New Pope who is elected is an out and out Freemason.  Makes changes that are absolutely outrageous and literally places the Church at the feet of the new world order.  Half of the Catholic world rejoices and half is shocked and stunned.  Even some of the people on Catholic answers are thinking, how can this be?

Women priests, gay marriage all up for discussion.  Condoms and contraception allowed by fiat. The world rejoices and the new Pope is heralded as a great reformer.

B16 is retired and no longer the Pope.  But this action of the new Pope is too much for him.  He strongly objects and "does a Lefebvre" and spearheads a sort of Schism with his comments.  Now his neo catholic supporters, and us Trads, actually find themselves in EXACTLY the same position as Lefebvre's supporters years ago with the truth on their side but no solid legal or canonical basis on which to usurp or challenge newPope's authority.  The only difference is that this challenge would be taken seriously and covered by the world's media.  And the Pope worshipping types who follow character or celebrity over truth will naturally find that they can sort of do both and neither in a weird way.

In the little spare time they have, Trads get to laugh that they have simple repeated the difficult choices we made 40 years ago.  It dawns on the crossovers that this is the case and they eat a couple of plates of crow and two slices of humble pie.

Naturally the world media will mostly be on the side of the new world order Pope, but a sh** fight between two current Popes is just too hot to ignore so they will milk it for all it is worth.

Some of the bishops, the queers and the ultra modernists plus the stupid ones, side with Pope Jason I and others with B16 the exPope who has no more authority other than his appeal to the truth and the fact he used to be Pope.

Freemasons realise this schism can spoil their final solution so they start a war and a Bishop in White is killed fleeing Rome, (which is where b16 is retired)


It's completely wild but to be honest also completely plausible. I've always thought that things could get worse and truth be told I can't imagine a worse scenario than what you describe. It would literally pretty much fully discredit the Catholic Church as the True Church in the hearts of many, even more than the last 50 years of novelty. This would make both the Orthodox and the sedevacantists even firmer in their positions and might actually be the straw that broke the camels back for many on the fence about whether to stick it out as a Catholic in good standing with their local ordinaries or go either SSPX, Sede or Orthodox or maybe even leave Christianity altogether. In my take should something like what you describe happen the ONLY way to restore any kind of credibility to the Church would be the Second Coming.

The living are supposed to envy the dead at some point in the future.  That sounds pretty sh!tty.

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