Cardinal O'Brien admits to below-standard sexual behavior
O'Brien should be defrocked and kicked out on his ear.  Yet he's going to take a comfortable retirement on the lay person's buck, that's given at every Sunday offering.  I can think of much better use for our Sunday offerings.

This is wrong.  Any one of these homosexuals should be gone for good.  That's the only way to cut this gang green out of the Church.

And what's with this Papal Nuncio?  If it's Vatican policy to hush up any homosexuals and molesters then it should be changed immediately because it is heresy to protect and coddle these deviants.

None of this is defendable.

Yeah and go after the enablers and those that elevated them like StCeciliasGirl suggested.  That is exactly what we need in the Church right now, a witch hunt to get rid of the rot.

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