Cardinal O'Brien admits to below-standard sexual behavior
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(03-04-2013, 05:43 PM)mikemac Wrote: O'Brien should be defrocked and kicked out on his ear.  Yet he's going to take a comfortable retirement on the lay person's buck, that's given at every Sunday offering.  I can think of much better use for our Sunday offerings.

This is wrong.  Any one of these homosexuals should be gone for good.  That's the only way to cut this gang green out of the Church.

And what's with this Papal Nuncio?  If it's Vatican policy to hush up any homosexuals and molesters then it should be changed immediately because it is heresy to protect and coddle these deviants.

None of this is defendable.

Yeah and go after the enablers and those that elevated them like StCeciliasGirl suggested.  That is exactly what we need in the Church right now, a witch hunt to get rid of the rot.

Ever heard or read about the Congregation of the Servants of the Paraclete?

Well I have now.  It was started in 1947.  But the problem is that I do not think this very large number of homosexual priests, bishops and even cardinals have been just tempted and gone wrong.  I believe this very large number is a deliberate infiltration of the Church meant for the purpose of subverting and slandering the Church.  They will never do it but their purpose is to destroy the Church.  I stand to what I said, the only way to deal with it is to cut it out like gang green.
It's very interesting that this "epidemic" started before VII.

Started, yes.  But reached its full proportions?  No.

WW2 saw a loosening of morals across the board - war often causes that.  For years, homosexuals were probably attracted to the clergy in numbers greater than their occurrence in the general population, because it was a socially acceptable way to live single, and many probably preferred to live in celibacy than engage in homosexual behavior.   Under the pre Vatican 2 discipline, acting out their desires was difficult.  Not impossible, but difficult.  Then, in the mid 60s, those disciplines were abrogated.  That's when the problem took off.  Then, it became an "open secret" that the clergy was a good hunting ground for homosexuals.  We're still dealing with that.  


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