Cardinal O'Brien admits to below-standard sexual behavior
(03-04-2013, 03:12 PM)City Smurf Wrote:
(03-04-2013, 12:23 PM)StCeciliasGirl Wrote: Maybe you're not catechized enough to understand the enormity of what he's done, but he attacked not only the seminarians with insight and free will, but also the Church herself.


Do yourself an almighty favour and stop and breathe.  Your anger is not holy.  Your anger is diabolical because it is leading you to condemn a man to hell.

I didn't condemn a man to Hell, but I can surely discern a man who has condemned himself to Hell by blaspheming the Holy Spirit from the highest echelons of the Church all these decades; by being a willing and knowing cancer in the Church, and loving the vestments more than God. And given his role in the Church, I question if he can be Absolved by anyone but the Pope himself. He hasn't done anything suggestive of Penance, like pointing out his "network" of homos who will continue doing as he's done, &c. Instead, we've gotten two statements within a week of each other, suggesting (1) he's innocent and retiring for HOLY reasons (here: [discern for yourself], and (2) yesterday's weak admission (linked in OP) that merely suggests he may have fallen beneath the standards of sexual conduct.

When we see heads rolling (figuratively) in England of possibly invalid priests, Bishops, &c, then I shall gladly adjust my discernment of who his "father" is. But no, until that day, "going into retirement" is not a proper penance; and if he's made a Conession and that was his penance, than he is NOT properly absolved. And that's a problem. If I were him, I'd skedaddle to a proper Bishop like Cardinal Arinze and do exactly as Arinze told me to do; I would not trust anyone in Britain who was in any way associated with O'Brien's "career".

This is why the Church needs a proper Inquisition into the O'Brien matter. What you yourself and Scotus have suggested is that there's a HUGE homo problem in Britain (which I certainly have no problem believing; we have one here in North America, as well). Which O'Brien would surely know about, since he was the head Cardinal there and part of the homo problem. (Doesn't it bother you in the least that O'Brien merely retired without pointing fingers and naming names?!) Honestly it seems to me that if you were so concerned for O'Brien's soul, for Britain, you would be the one screaming for a full Inquisition, to remove priests and Bishops whose Absolution might not mean a thing to God.

Again, O'Brien is the one most likely to know where the problems are, but he "went into seclusion" instead of standing up and pointing fingers. He's not protecting the Church by hiding out; he's protecting others LIKE HIM.

Sorta thought we were all on the same page re: this. I've had a priest absolve me, but I didn't believe it was valid because I didn't trust him because he said he didn't believe in The Resurrection, but believed there was a man "like a Jesus figure" who probably taught some of what we read in the NT, but surely didn't raise himself from the dead. I saw that as a problem and left. I went to my home priest later and RE-CONFESSED, asking for true Absolution. All of which I confessed to my priest, and my priest took my Confession and Absolved me. But I was told to write a letter (which I believe our Bishop actually wrote, and I signed) attesting to these things (which I was very uncomfortable doing). But while I wasn't thrilled with the idea, the Bishop (and my priest and my husband) helped me through it. And I'm a nobody.

As for "what my place is", I think I know my place. According to Vatican II "pastoral documents", the laity is to help our Bishops. But laying down and ignoring the ugly truth in your face and praying for a "poor soul" who knowingly hurt the Church for decades, instead of standing up for Mother Church at the risk of your [membership?] and demanding an Inquisition, is not helping your shamed Cardinal and our shamed Church.

Indeed, even blasphemy against the Holy Spirit might (MIGHT) be absolved through the Church, but we're talking about the lead Cardinal of a powerful country in Europe, who knows all the ins and outs of the homos there who are attacking the Church. Again, fingers need to be pointed; Penance isn't saying a few Hail Marys in this case, and I'd like to think you know that.

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