Cardinal O'Brien admits to below-standard sexual behavior
(03-04-2013, 10:50 PM)mikemac Wrote: Repeating this just in case you missed it StCeciliasGirl.  If not for new seminarians then not for those in the existing priesthood either.  Bottom line.  Defrock every homosexual priest, bishop and cardinal.  This is an intentional infiltration to try to destroy the Church.  No retirement, just get rid of them.

(03-04-2013, 06:00 PM)mikemac Wrote: In 2008 Pope Benedict changed the policy for seminarians, to not allow anyone that has even had any tendency towards the same sex.  Why should it be different for priests, bishops and cardinals, even those that are running the administration of the Church?

Thank you. Absolutely I saw it, and I agree. :))

I am quite fond of His Holiness BXVI and the direction he was taking the Church. (Which might be why I'm so offended by this O'Brien guy, for doing the exact opposite of his stated intentions, and changing his statement after "retirement", and, I fear, putting a bad light on our Pope Emeritus.)

I'm not quite sure why some FEs think he's "mismanaged" (except possibly in not throwing out the homos on their ears, defrocked, soon enough), but I think he was going in the right direction, and it is my fervent hope and desire that he will be proved out the best Pope since Pius XII, as I think he will be.

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