Too Much Talk, Not Enough WALK! Let's GO, Folks!
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And on the other hand, you've got Prots so messed up theologically, so WRONG about so MUCH -- who have some of the greatest hearts. I think some trads will be surprised when they see good ole Billy Bob, the salt of the earth, give you the shirt off his back Southern Baptist type sitting up there in Heaven because he knew how to love even though he knew less about theology than my cat -- while Mr. Theologically Brilliant Trad Boy who treats people like crap will be a little toasty. As I imagine things, based on what the Saints and Popes and Scriptures say, there will be a lot of shocked expressions on Judgment Day. "B--b-but I'm RIGHT!" won't cut it with Jesus. Life isn't an IQ test.

I bet they there's a lot of arguing about theology and ecclesiology in Hell.

BTW,  :P

Well Vox...this post prompted me to finally post on the forum. This will be my second post and unfortunately I can't bring anything to the table except questions. So........does this mean we are not to evangelize this particular SB? Besides defending the faith are we not called to proclaim the Truth? Obviously this is going to the Church's teaching on no salvation outside the Church (or is it salvation outside the Church?). I accept the teaching but do have a hard time understanding especially as it applies to evangelizing. How do we proclaim the Truth charitably? At some point we have to get to the nuts and bolts and say why someone needs to be Catholic, no?


Thanks for the quotes Vox. SB = Southern Baptist. So what I was getting at is if the example in your op needs to be evangelized to the Catholic faith? Apparently not. That is where I am having a misunderstanding with Church teaching on salvation and how we are to evangelize. What if the loving Southern Baptist is lovingly leading people away from the one true Church? When I listen to the Journey Home show most every conversion story involves the person discovering the truth of the Catholic Church. Yes...our Lord said the greatest of the commandments is to love the Lord our God and our neighbor. But the Church is also the pillar and foundation of Truth and it just seems to me that more and more we are being discouraged from proclaiming the truth of our faith so as not to be perceived as arrogant.

Interesting that you used a southern baptist as your example. I retired and moved south and I am pretty much in the center of Baptist country. The Catholic population here is only 5% and I have been told I will have ample opportunity to defend the  But that 5% is pretty vibrant and growing. I'd say there are about  8 parishes I could register with within a 10 mile drive in any direction including a couple that have the Latin Mass (one parish daily) and a Maronite parish.


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