Pope Francis in 2005: Defend the right to life even if they ‘have you killed’
(03-16-2013, 08:53 PM)John Lane Wrote:
(03-16-2013, 08:41 AM)Vox Clamantis Wrote: The pope has also compared abortion in cases of rape to the “death penalty” ...
Sadly, Vox, his strong words on the evil of abortion are based, as were JP2's, on the heresy of an absolute right to life, which condemns the death penalty as well as abortion.  The whole "Culture of Life vs Culture of Death" thing is a novelty, and strongly suggests the evolutionary foundation which supports all of Modernism.

I do not agree.  And I have not heard of any such "heresy" as an "absolute" right to life.  The Church allows for the death penalty with the state having the authority in certain cases but we would rather give the soul a chance.  As for being willing to be killed for standing up for the unborn--yes, as one on the front lines in the pro-life movement with the 40 Days for Life and all year round, I remain in a state of grace because in a sense my own life could be on the line. There is indeed a culture of death and it is huge and growing.  We little ones are powerless against it because it is demonic so we must use our spiritual weapons and beg God to intervene. This we do.  If you are praying at abortion mills on a regular basis then you will know about this.  It is NOT modernism! And I am not a modernist but I do what I can to defend life and the innocent unborn who are indeed given a 'death penalty' with a painful violent death as they are torn literally limb from limb from their mother's wombs. And then the body parts are sold off.

I welcome strong words on the evil of abortion for that atrocity is sending countless souls to hell.  It not only takes the lives of the unborn children but is devastating many times to the mothers or fathers and others as well in ways physical, emotional, and spiritual.  I have heard untold numbers of stories, even from men and even this week, about the after effects of abortion.

I do not appreciate a fellow Catholic even hinting that standing up for life is somehow modernist or heretical.  If Catholics would emerge from behind closed doors and their armchairs and truly live their faith everywhere without shame or cowardice, we would be in a different world that is not succumbing to the culture of death.  Yes, that is a good term.

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