What is meant by "a poor church for the poor"?
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The current discussions of "the poor" (both here and elsewhere) in the context of the pope's statements seem to make no distinction between those who are materially poor and those who are spiritually poor (i.e. not "the poor in spirit" of the Beatitudes, but the spiritually impoverished). Certainly, poverty in spiritual matters is a more dire problem than material poverty, because its consequences are eternal. It is true that material poverty can often lead to despair and spiritual desolation, but it is not a given that the materially needy are the ones most in need of our kindness. We live in a spiritually impoverished world. The spiritually needy are all around us, and they include the rich. Is this new pontificate going to concentrate only on those who are temporally needy? I regard the widespread lack of faith and prevalence of error to be the greatest sources of spiritual impoverishment. Will concentration on material poverty do anything to alleviate these merciless destroyers of souls?

This ambiguous talk of a "poor church for the poor" is superficially clothed in the language of the Gospels, but we have yet to see the authentic spiritual message of the Gospels emerge from beneath these garments.

Have you ever worked in a food kitchen? It's really hard to give spiritual nourishment to a man who can't feed his family or himself. Fill their stomachs, help them find a job & then start telling them about the Beatitudes. The chances are good that he's never heard of them & that all he knows about God is that His Son was born on Christmas.

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