Card. Kasper, VII Documents-Admits to intentional compromise
(04-15-2013, 05:54 PM)Sant Anselmo Wrote: I know nothing about Cardinal Kasper, but I assume he is no traditionalist based upon his Wikipedia page. 

Thanks for sharing this.  If you get the English full text article, please share it. 

I started a thread on CAF on the report, though I did find a different blog post linked to in the blog you referenced above.  Any bets on how long the thread over there will last? 


Not long!  :LOL: I still have an account over there... I should take a look...


"Certainly, you must be informed about modern errors because preaching the truth involves preaching about distancing oneself from error; but do not make the negative, secondary aspect into the most important! Your first aim is not to fight against error but to know the truth. Your central concern should be study, your sanctification, silence, meditation, and the exercise of charity." - Archbishop Lefebvre

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