Multiple sclerosis
(06-06-2013, 01:54 PM)moneil Wrote: He said that the only theraphy he has required is taking large doses of Vitamin D, which seems to be abating the condtion so far.  He was born and raised in northern Minnessota and said that there appears to be a correlation between the latitude where one was born and raised and the incidence of MS, "suggesting" (being a good scientist he said this theory is still very "hypothetical") a correlation between the amount of sunlight (i.e., Vitamin D) that one receives during their very early developmental years and a propensity to developing MS.

The sad fact is that few doctors would even suggest looking at vitamin and mineral levels. I would suggest a Vitamin D test (25 hydroxy) and then look to raise the levels of Vitamin D3 through supplementation, being careful to stay within a safe range since Vitamin D toxicity, although very rare, can bring its own problems.

Vitamin D and MS

Quote:My recommendation regarding multiple sclerosis and vitamin D is that when first diagnosed with MS, people should ask for a vitamin D level immediately. It is very common for this first level to be low, and often this is why the attack happened. Australian researchers are now calling for ‘Active detection of vitamin D insufficiency among people with MS and intervention to restore vitamin D status to adequate levels … as part of the clinical management of MS’. Many neurologists I know are now doing this routinely at diagnosis. If the level is very low, it can be brought up very quickly with a one-off megadose of vitamin D followed by regular capsules. Many people get quite nervous about using large doses of vitamin D for MS, but the research shows that it is very safe, and indeed necessary if levels are to be raised quickly.

For people with initial levels indicating severe deficiency less than 12.5nmol/L a one-off megadose of 600,000IU raised levels to an average of 73nmol/L. This is still probably half the level which may be optimal in MS, but it can be seen that even large doses of this vitamin are quite safe. More recent research has shown that people who are overweight or obese require even larger doses of supplements to get levels up. My suggestion is to get a one-off dose like this if the initial level is low, and then take a regular supplement of around 5,000IU a day in winter, or more if required (10,000IU a day is perfectly safe), and the same on summer days when you get no sun, to get the level to around 150nmol/L as a minimum. The level should be checked at the end of each winter of supplementation to make sure it is not being overdone. Holick, a world authority on vitamin D suggests annually checking one’s vitamin D level as a routine.

Also, mercury fillings seem to be connected to MS in a number of cases. Just last week we heard that Dick Van Dyke has found out that the cause of  his previous chronic ill health were his titanium implants. The human body was not meant to contain the very high levels of mercury that modern people are absorbing into their tissue through diet and amalgam fillings.

In addition, cut out all diet or sweetened drinks that contain aspartame as that can lead to a condition that closely resembles MS.

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