Teachings of Vatican II According to (insert favorite bishop's name here)
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I agree that we have the Catechism and can look back at the teachings of the popes (I include all of the popes in this statement) for reference.  Vatican II itself however, is no good as a point of reference.  We can't refer to that because the numerous exceptions and ambiguities always get thrown right back as counter-arguments.  Hence my original observation that everyone talks about Vatican II but no one really agrees on what it teaches.

The parts referring to things like Gregorian chant come to mind.  Interestingly enough, it can be sometimes just as hard to get conservative priests to support Gregorian chant as it is to get the liberals to do so.  This is in spite of the fact that conservatives usually claim to follow the letter of the law while liberals tend to invoke the "spirit of Vatican II".  Debates on the topic typically devolve into a debate over the intended meaning of "pride of place".  Pointing to the papal practices of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI result in people bringing up Pope John Paul II and his liturgies.

We can point to Vatican II still. If there is debate, there's debate. Even the magisterium holds that some Vatican II teachings are revisable, and not closed to further refining. But that's the case with a lot of teachings. Anything still open to refining or definition is something which admits exception or ambiguity. Plus we need to read Vatican II in light of Tradition, so what we are doing is marshalling Vatican II texts to witness to continuity. It's not about what so-and-so's favorite bishop says, but how does it square with Vatican II *and* what came before.

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