Cardinal Dolan makes first visit to NYC mosque
I am here visiting Cardinal Dolan's archdiocese and had the "pleasure" of reading the Catholic New York paper with an article regarding this visit.  Not only does he state that we worship the same God he also states that the Islamic center is the center of their lives "like our parishes are for so many Catholics".  So.....our parishes are just like Islamic centers. 

I'm not sure how to respond to that because in a sense it is true that, for many Catholics in the US, Catholic parishes are just like Muslim centers!  For many Catholics, there is nothing particularly special about them!  It's a building to worship in, to congregate with others, etc.

Here was an opportunity to evangelize.....that our parishes have something much more than other religious know, that minor part of our Faith called the Blessed Sacrament!! But no, don't want to offend!


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