June 25 - Supposed "Emergency" Meeting of the Roman Curia
The writing on the wall -- propitious or ominous?   Me thinks the prophecy is true after all:  Francis may truly be Petrus Romanus. 

Quote:    In persecutione extrema S.R.E. sedebit.
    Petrus Romanus, qui pascet oves in multis tribulationibus, quibus transactis civitas septicollis diruetur, & judex tremendus judicabit populum suum. Finis.

    In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit [i.e., as bishop].
    Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills [i.e. Rome] will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The End

NB:  "Pasture the many tribulations" -- Upheaval of the present sructure and facade of the Church;  "Destruction of Rome," meaning the loss of Faith.  "Dreadful Judgment" -- unless the Pope consecrates Russia as demanded, punishment will be severe (see Our Lady of Akita and La Salette),  there will be a period of peace if the Consecration is done.  The "final persecution" in the prophecy does not necessarily mean the ushering of The General Judgment.

Just saying, of course.

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